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Special thanks to season sponsors:

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How to become a sponsor of
Theatre Bristol’s 2020 Season

Souvenir Program  *  Flyers  *  Website  *  Posters  *  Promotions  *  Stage Recognition
Arts Patron Opportunities

Join Theatre Bristol and be a sponsor of our community’s exciting productions and wonderful family-friendly entertainment! Theatre Bristol’s 2020 season opens with a musical comedy for Valentine’s, followed by our annual River’s Way collaboration, spring young children’s show, summer musical blockbuster at the Paramount, Summer Camp in July, an annual production by our Youth Service Board, a classic drama straight from literature, and a Christmas musical favorite on the Paramount stage and on the ARTspace stage for the holidays. We invite you to get involved!.

Details, pricing, and the form provided below outline how you can be featured in the souvenir program and promotions. We are lining up major sponsorships for the entire year now. Title sponsorships, one available per production, will remain available until booked. Please reserve your major sponsorships as early as possible to ensure availability and greatest benefits. 

ProductionsMajor Sponsor DeadlinesProgram Ad Deadlines
She Loves Me musicalJanuary 6February 1
River’s Way Real Heroes February 1February 21
Jack and the Beanstalk February 21April 3
The Sound of Music (Paramount ) March 27June 5
To Kill a Mockingbird June 26September 4
elf The Musical (Paramount & ARTspace) August 21October 30

Productions run 7-18 shows, ARTspace production run the most shows; Paramount shows play to six times the audiences!

Theatre Bristol is extremely excited about its 54th Season and continuing to grow upon its success. We thank our sponsors and audiences for supporting our community, cast and crew. Like previous seasons, the shows we have selected for 2020 hold true to our mission of providing family-friendly live theatre for the citizens of our region and performance opportunities for children, youth and adults. Our major musical productions at The Paramount Center for the Performing Arts the past four years had meet with praise and returning and growing audiences.

Theatre Bristol has played a leading role in bringing live theatre to the children and families of this region since it was founded in 1965 by Cathy DeCaterina. It was Cathy’s dream to make a difference in the lives of children through the power of theatre and the arts. That is a dream we are still committed to today, and we welcome you to share this commitment.

Currently, we are an organization that depends on volunteers, under the direction of the board of directors and with help from tireless volunteers who help make each show happen. We are a community theatre, run by people from our community. We produce our shows with an emphasis on quality and a premium on economy. Even with the emphasis on keeping production costs low, there are still “the costs of doing business”–royalties, rentals, design and creation costs, promotional costs, utilities, etc. Would you consider being a sponsor of our mission? Please be a part of helping us bring our 2020 Season to the stage and take a look at our sponsorship opportunities.

Please contact us and we will glad to answer any questions: 423-212-3625, or info@theatrebristol.org. Please also feel free to pass this information along to anyone you think might be interested. Thank you for supporting your community theatre–and don’t forget to make plans to see the shows!

Theatre Bristol 2020 Sponsorship Opportunities

Season Sponsor–$10,000 will feature the Season Sponsors in all of our show promotions and other activities as well as the benefits described below.

Title Sponsor–for $5,000 for the major summer musical (SOLD) and major fall musical at the Paramount Center for the Arts, or $2,500 for ARTspace shows, the Title Sponsor has a “starring role” in our productions and receives the following:

  1.   Company or organization name or logo in advertising, posters, programs, cast shirts, etc.
  2.   (Ex.) Theatre Bristol’s [production name] presented by (insert your company’s name/logo here)
  3.   Full page ad (your choice of back cover, inside cover, inside back cover) in the program
  4.   Banner with company name/logo displayed in a Theatre Bristol’s window facing State Street during the show run.
  5.   Company’s banner (you provide) or “trade show” display (you provide) inside Theatre Bristol during the show run.
  6.   Special reserved row of prime seating for your company to use for the Opening Night or the performance of your choice. (Must use seats for same performance. Must reserve early.)
  7.   For Paramount production only, selected Paramount associated promotions.

Associate Sponsor–for $1000.00 per production or $5,000 for the Season (5 – 7 productions). Associates receive:

  1.   Company or organization name/logo on posters and programs. (Ex.)  Theatre Bristol’s [production name] presented by (Title Sponsor) in association with (Associate Sponsor’s name/logo).
  2.   Full page ad (prime space) in the souvenir program.
  3.   Your company’s banner (you provide) displayed inside Theatre Bristol during run of show.
  4.   Special reserved row of prime seating for your company to use for the Opening Night or the performance of your choice. (Must use seats for the same performance and reserve early.)

Show Sponsor–for $500.00 per production, or for $2,500 for the Season (5 – 7 productions). Show Sponsors receive:

  1.   Full page ad in the souvenir program.
  2.   Special reserved row of prime seating for your company to use for the Opening Night or the performance of your choice. (Must use seats for the same performance. Must reserve early.)

Souvenir Program Sponsors. Program sponsors are crucial to a show’s success and receive the following:

Full Page Ad (5×8 vertical) for $125.00 or 5 – 7 show programs and Theatre Bristol’s website for $625

½ Page Ad (5×4 horizontal) $80.00 or 5 – 7 show programs and Theatre Bristol’s website for $400

¼ Page Ad (2.5 x 4 vertical or 5 x 2 horizontal) for $55.00 or 5 – 7 show programs and Theatre Bristol’s website for $275

Please provide print-ready color and black & white minimum 300 dpi jpeg ads via info@theatrebristol.org.

Program dimension is 5 x 8 and ads will be adjusted for margins.

Theatre Bristol 2020 Sponsorship Agreement

 Please circle above the sponsorship level and description selected,  initial each statement (____) below, and sign

____I have circled the selected sponsorship option above and understand sponsorship benefits.                     

____I understand that we must submit a print-ready digital file (jpeg or pdf).

____I understand that we must call and reserve tickets for the show, even if they are included in our sponsorship and that Theatre Bristol cannot guarantee seats if those reservations have not been made.

____I understand that payment for sponsorship must be received prior to receiving the benefits of the sponsorship. 

Please send payment and agreement to Theatre Bristol, 512 State Street, Bristol, TN 37620

Organization Representative (Print/Signature/Date) and Preferred Contact Information


Theatre Bristol Sponsorship contact ___________________________________



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