Fiddler on the Roof – August 2018

Sunday, Aug 5 at 2:30 pm
Saturday Aug 11 at 10:00 am
Sunday, Aug 12 at 2:30 pm
Monday August 13 at 6:30 pm
Callbacks August 16 at 6:30 pm
at 512 State Street, Bristol, TN 37620

November 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18 – evenings and Sunday matinees

Daytime school show on November 16 (Inability to be present for this show will not necessarily affect casting decisions)
Possible daytime school show on November 15 (TBD)

From the director

Thank you for your interest in Theatre Bristol’s production of Fiddler on the Roof. The following information should help you understand how the process will work. Auditions at Theatre Bristol are open to all. The audition process for Fiddler on the roof will be in two parts: initial auditions and callbacks.

Some paperwork is required. It is important that you provide us with any conflicts you may have with rehearsals as specifically as you can.

Prior experience is not required, but if you do have experience we want to know about it. You will be asked to tell us about your shows, roles and where you performed.  If you happen to have a resume you are encouraged to bring it.

You will also be given an opportunity to tell us in which roles you are interested. If you are simply auditioning to be in the show and are willing to accept any role, you can indicate that. If you would only consider being in Fiddler on the Roof if you were given a particular role or two you can tell us that as well. If you indicate that you will only accept a specific role and are not the best choice for it, nothing else will be offered.

We will be taking your picture to help us remember you.

We are going to need help with the construction of the show and with running the show in performance. If you want to help backstage, please let us know. We are also anxious to have family members and friends helping with the show. Willingness to help backstage, whether or not you are cast will not affect casting.

Casting is based on a combination of vocal ability, acting ability and physical appearance.  It is also based on your ability to be available when you are needed. Casting will take all elements into account. The initial audition will determine which actors fit the needs of the show, and who may eventually be cast. Initial auditions are not the place in which final casting decisions are made.

Since we anticipate, and encourage people who may not have been in a show before, we do not require prepared material for the initial audition. We will welcome 8 to 16 bars of prepared material. Please bring your sheet music for the accompanist. Alternatively, we also provide a song that before you sing for your audition we will teach you, and give you a chance to get comfortable with it. You will also be given a section of dialog to read. You will be given a chance to look at it in advance.

We will also ask you for a movement/dance audition so we can see how you move. The dance captain will teach you a combination. Wear closed-toed shoes that will stay on your feet. No flip-flops or sandals, please.

Actors should not be alarmed if they don’t have an opportunity to read or sing for a specific role at initial auditions. Most actors who will be offered a role will be called back for a second audition, but not necessarily all. It is possible to be cast without being called back. Actors who wish to be cast must be available for callbacks as needed Those who are needed will be notified shortly after the first round of auditions is concluded. You may be asked to memorize a short monologue for callbacks. These will be provided for you by email.

Callbacks will determine the best combination of actors for the cast. At callbacks actors will read and sing for specific roles. It is the staff’s responsibility to assemble the best possible combination of actors from the talent available

No roles will be offered until the callback process has been completed. We realize that it is hard to wait for the phone to ring, but please be patient. It may take more than one day to make the casting phone calls after the decisions are made. We will tell you by what point you should expect a call if you are cast.

Again, thank you for your interest in Fiddler on the Roof. We’ll see you at auditions. Break a leg!

Rehearsal Schedule

While not everyone will always be called for every rehearsal, rehearsals will run Sunday afternoons, and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings. You may be called as early as 6:30.

We will rehearse at Theatre Bristol. We will not be in the Paramount until the beginning of the week we perform. November 4-8 are critical to our success. It is very important that you are available for these dates. Performances are November 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, and 18.

Character List


Golde-Tevye’s wife.  She works hard to maintain a household on limited resources.   She and Tevye have been married for 25 years and have grown to love each other.  She is loving and supportive with a no-nonsense approach to life.   She has five daughters and is anxious to see them well married.
Vocal range: A3 to Eb5

Tzeitel-Tzietel is the eldest of the daughters.   She is 19.  She has fallen in love with the tailor, Motel, and they have pledged to marry.   Tevye and Golde know nothing of this and when a different marriage is arranged for her, her parents break with tradition in setting aside the agreement and allowing her to marry a man of her own choice.
Vocal range:  B3 to D5

Hodel-Hodel is second-eldest.   She is strong-willed and quick-witted.   She pushes back against the limitations placed on her as a young woman by Jewish tradition.  She will fall in love with and marry Perchik, a student from Kiev. When she decides to marry she doesn’t seek her father’s permission, only his blessing.   This pushes against Jewish ideas of the role a daughter should take.  When her husband is arrested, she chooses to go to him in a prison camp in Siberia.
Vocal range:  B3 to E5

Chava-Chava is the middle of the five daughters.   She is extremely intelligent and quiet.  She reads constantly. In spite of the difficulties it will present, she marries Fyedka, a gentile Russian.   Marrying outside the faith is something Tevye cannot accept, leading to a separation of the family.
Vocal range:  B3 to D5

Shrintze-Fourth daughter of Tevye and Golde.  She is too young to marry in the course of the show.  Her father provides her with lessons from Perchik.
Vocal range:  B3 to D5

Bielke is the youngest of the five.  She takes lessons from Perchik.
Vocal range:  B3 to D5

Yente-Yente is the village matchmaker, a time-honored role in Jewish society.   She goes to the families of young women with proposals from men or with suggested matches of her own.   She is a talker who has a tendency to move from topic to topic until she forgets why she has come.  She is widowed.
Vocal range:  F3 to F5

Grandmother Tzeitel-She is the deceased ancestor for whom Tzeitel is named.   When Tevye needs an excuse to break him promise to Lazar, she becomes part of the dream he invents to convince Golde.
Vocal range: C#4 to D5

Fruma-Sarah-Lazar Wolf’s deceased wife.   As part of the Tevye’s invented dream she comes to Tevye to predict dire consequences if Tzeitel marries Lazar.
Vocal Range:  C4 to Eb5

Shaindel-She is Model’s mother.  She is proud of her son.

Female Villagers


Tevye-Tevye is a milkman who spends most of his time making deliveries and talking with his customers.   He dreams of one day being a rich man so that he will have time to spend his days reading and taking about the Scriptures.  He is faithful to his religion and frequently quotes verses of Scripture, many of which are not actually in there.   He loves his five daughters and his wife, Golde.
Vocal range: Ab2 to F4

Motel-Motel is a poor tailor who wants to be successful.   He is soft-spoken and timid.  It takes all his courage to ask for Tzeitel’s hand in marriage, and is amazed when his request is granted.
Vocal range;  E3 to F#4

Perchik-Perchik is a student from Kiev who has become involved with the radical movement that will lead the Russian Revolution.  He is hired by Tevye to teach the girls.   He has no respect for traditions, and sees them as holding Jewish society in a past that is quickly fading.   He marries Hodel, but on a return to Kiev is arrested and sent to Siberia.
Vocal Range:  B2 to E4

Lazar Wolf-Lazar is late middle-aged.  He is the town butcher.   This affords him a comfortable living.   He is widowed and wants to marry Tzeitel.  He is likeable and generous.
Vocal Range;  C3 to F#4

Fedya-A Russian to whom the anti-Semitism of most Russians makes no sense.   He is well read, courteous and looks for character in others.  He falls in love with Chava and marries her.  When the Jews are expelled from Anatevka, he chooses to leave.

Constable-A Russian official who is a friend of Tevya.  He is responsible for maintaining order in Anatevka according the instructions given him by Moscow.   Even though he has no animosity toward the Jewish citizens of Anatevka, he carries out his orders to expel them.

Mordcha-An Innkeeper.   He is a faithful Jew and is interested in what is happening in town.  He is also an entertainer who provides entertainment at parties.

Rabbi-The Rabbi holds a special place in the hearts and minds of the villagers.   He is devout.   The villagers bring disputes to him.   Whenever possible he tried to find a peaceful middle ground.

Mendel-The Rabbi’s son.   He is considered the most eligible bachelor in the village because of his father.

Avram-A book dealer who reads newspapers from other places and is aware of what is happening in the wider world.   Vocal Range: D3 to Eb4

Nachum-A beggar.   The villagers are friendly with him and give him coins to sustain him.

Male Villagers

The fiddler-The fiddler represents the precariousness of life for the Jews of Anatevka.   He opens the show and is the last character to leave the stage at the end.   Between these events, the actor playing this role will be a villager.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever


6th at 10:30 am
7th at 2:30 pm
8th at 6:30 pm
9th at 6:30 pm (tent.)

at 512 State Street, Bristol, TN 37620

October 15 – Rehearsals Start
November 25-29 – Tech week
November 30 – December 16 – Performances