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Theatre Bristol Announces Auditions for “ANNIE”

Roles available for men, women, children, and a dog!

Annie_AuditionsJust in time for the holidays, Theatre Bristol musical favorite “ANNIE” returns to the stage, opening November 17 at the Paramount Center for the Arts and running through Thanksgiving weekend. Auditions are August 12, 13, 19, 20, and 21, with Saturday afternoon auditions for dogs.

Auditions at Theatre Bristol are open to all. The audition process for ANNIE will be in two parts: initial auditions and callbacks, though not everyone who was cast will need to be called back.

Prior experience is not required, but if you do have experience we want to know about it. You will be asked to fill out an audition form and tell us about your shows, roles and where you performed. If you happen to have a resume you are welcome to bring it. You also need to bring your calendar to note all of your conflicts. We will be taking your picture to help us remember you.

You will be given an opportunity to tell us in which roles you are interested. If you are simply auditioning to be in the show and are willing to accept any role, you can indicate that. If you would only consider being in ANNIE if you were given a particular role or two you can tell us that as well. If you indicate that you will only accept a specific role and are not the best choice for it, nothing else will be offered.

We are going to need help with the construction of the show and with running the show in performance. If you want to help backstage, please let us know. We are also anxious to have family members and friends helping with the show. Willingness to help backstage, whether or not you are cast will not affect casting, however.

Casting is based on a combination of vocal ability, acting ability and physical appearance. It is also based on your ability to be available when you are needed. Casting will take all elements into account. The initial audition will determine which actors fit the needs of the show, and who may eventually be cast. Initial auditions are not the place in which final casting decisions are made.

Since we anticipate, and encourage, people who may not have been in a show before, we do not require prepared material for the initial audition. We will go over the audition songs for you and then listen to you perform your selection. For this show we invite you to find the songs on the internet to become familiar with them and you do not need to bring sheet music with you; our accompanist will have the music.

Girls: Maybe

Women: N.Y.C., Little Girls, or Easy Street

Boys: Fully Dressed

Men: Fully Dressed or Something Was Missing

Dogs: No singing, but will need to follow basic commands

If you instead choose to bring your own material, we will welcome 16 bars of prepared material. Please bring your sheet music for the accompanist.

You will also be given a section of dialog to read. You will be given a chance to look at it in advance.

We will also ask you for a movement/dance audition so we can see how you move. The dance captain will teach you a combination. Wear closed-toed shoes that will stay on your feet. No flip-flops or sandals, please.

Actors should not be alarmed if they don’t have an opportunity to read or sing for a specific role at initial auditions. Actors who wish to be cast must be available for callbacks as needed Those who are needed will be notified shortly after the first round of auditions is concluded.

Callbacks will determine the best combination of actors for the cast. At callbacks actors will read and sing for specific roles. Contacting the Theatre during the process with anything other than conflict updates will not be of benefit.

A second round of callbacks may be necessary, but not everyone will be needed a second time. No roles will be offered until the callback process has been completed. We realize that it is hard to wait for the phone to ring, but please be patient. It may take more than one day to make the casting phone calls after the decisions are made. We will inform you by what point you should expect a call if you are cast.

Directing is Theatre Bristol veteran Kenn Naegele, who has performed in and directed more than 60 productions in his career in New York State and Tennessee. He most recently directed Oklahoma, and he is pleased to be directing one of his favorite shows at Theatre Bristol since last directing its production of South Pacific.

Again, thank you for your interest in ANNIE. We’ll see you at auditions. Break a leg!

Audition Schedule – August 12, 13, 19, 20, and 21

Saturday, August 12

9:00 Doors open

9:30 Children

11:30 Adults

2:00 Dogs

Sunday, August 13

2:00 Doors open

2:30 Children

4:30 Adults

Saturday, August 19

9:00 Doors open

9:30 Children

11:30 Adults

2:00 Dogs

Sunday, August 20

2:00 Doors open

2:30 Children

4:30 Adults

Monday, August 21

6:30 Doors open

6:00 Children

7:00 Adults

An all-cast and crew meeting will be held on August 27 or 28. Rehearsals will begin on Sunday, September 24. Note that this date is slightly over a month after casting. While not everyone will always be called for every rehearsal, rehearsals will run Sunday afternoons, and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings. You may be called as early as 6:30.

We will rehearse at Theatre Bristol. We will not be in the Paramount until the beginning of the week we perform.   November 12-16 are critical to our success. It is very important that you are available for these dates. Performances are November 17, 18, 19, 23 (pickup), 24, 25, 26, as well as some daytime school shows.


CHARACTER ROLES – From Music Theatre International

A street-wise orphan; she is eventually taken in by Oliver Warbucks. Spunky, friendly, big-voiced.
Gender: Female

A successful businessman with a warm heart. Rich, stiff-collared, bullish.
Gender: Male

Grace Farrell
Faithful secretary to Mr. Oliver Warbucks. Poised, sweet, gentle.
Gender: Female

The other girls in the orphanage with Annie. These girls are gritty, neglected and vulnerable, yet basically honest and potentially loveable. Includes Molly, Kate, Tessie, Pepper, July, and Duffy.
Gender: Female

The servants at the Warbucks mansion. Includes Drake, Mrs. Pugh, Mrs. Greer, Cecille, and Annette.
Gender: Both

Miss Hannigan
The orphanage matron who hates children but is fond of liquor. Very disillusioned, bitter, and cold.
Gender: Female

Miss Hannigan’s no-good brother looking for a quick buck. A sleazy, slick con man.
Gender: Male

Rooster’s girlfriend, who is also out for a quick buck. She is considered to be a floozy and bimbo.
Gender: Female

Bert Healy
The ultimate radio personality. He helps Annie by broadcasting about the search for her birth parents.
Gender: Male

The 32nd President of the United States. A Democrat and friend of Warbucks.
Gender: Male

Servants (Drake, Mrs. Greer, Mrs. Pugh), Boylan Sisters, Cabinet Mambers, Hooverville Citizens
Gender: Both

Jingle_Bells_12x18 auditionsTheatre Bristol Announces Auditions for “Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells”

Roles available for men, women, and children


October 8 and 15 (Sundays) at 2:30 pm

October 9 and 16 (Mondays) at 6:30 pm

Call-Backs (if needed) – October 17 (Tuesday) at 6:30 p.m.

Casting Calls – October 19-20 (Thursday-Friday)

Rehearsals Begin – October 22 (Sunday) at 2:30 pm (tentative)

Rehearsals – October 22 through November 30

Sundays at 2:30 pm, Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday at 6:30 pm

Note:  Actors cast as Junie B, Grampa, and Philip may have calls at 6:00 (see note below)

Tech Week: November 26-30

Performances: Dec 1-3, 8-10, 15-17, evenings and matinees, possible school shows Dec. 1, 7, 8 & 14


Junie B Jones  An independent girl in first grade.  Good-natured, but holds her ground in arguments.

Herb  Junie B’s best friend in Classroom 1

May  Junie B’s arch enemy; always tries to get Junie B in trouble

Lucille  The rich girl, very proud and thinks she’s the prettiest girl ever

José  Another classmate, who might have a Spanish accent

Sheldon Classroom 1’s shy kid.

Mr. Scary  The teacher of this sometimes-unruly gang of kids

Mr. Toot  The choral teacher, in charge of classroom musicals

Elf Ellen   A PTA volunteer in charge of the Secret Santa gift store

Philip Johnny Bob  Junie B’s stuffed elephant, who hears her secrets and talks to her

Grampa Miller  Junie B’s grandfather on her mother’s side

Casting Notes:  Philip Elephant and Grampa Miller appear only with Junie B.  It is possible they could participate in this show and Annie if they can come at 6:00 to run their individual scenes with Junie B before Annie rehearsals begin.

Although the six child characters are in 1st grade, the play is frequently performed by older elementary students, or even high school students.  Casting will depend on the age group(s) who turn out for auditions, since the 3 girls and 3 boys must look (but not necessarily be) the same age.

Production Crew Interest

Production team and stage crew are welcome to come to any of the audition dates and discuss their interest and skill. This invitation includes those interested in orchestra, costuming, set design and construction, lighting, sound, stage management, props, publicity, and many other roles. You can also email to express your interest. All roles are volunteer, as there is no paid staff. No experience is necessary for crew work and we are happy to offer training.