beauty_and_the_beast_auditionsTheatre Bristol Announces Auditions for
“Disney’s Beauty and the Beast”

Directed by Glenn Patterson


March 4, 5, 6, 11 & 12. Callbacks March 14.
Casting calls March 17 & 18

512 State Street, Bristol, TN

Times and Details below.

Director’s Notes on the Beauty and the Beast Audition Process

From the director:

Thank you for your interest in Theatre Bristol’s production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The following information should help you understand how the process will work. Auditions at Theatre Bristol are open to all. The audition process for Beauty and the Beast will be in two parts: initial auditions and callbacks.

Some paperwork is required. It is important that you provide us with any conflicts you may have with rehearsals as specifically as you can.

Prior experience is not required, but if you do have experience we want to know about it. You will be asked to tell us about your shows, roles and where you performed.  If you happen to have a resume you are encouraged to bring it.

You will also be given an opportunity to tell us in which roles you are interested. If you are simply auditioning to be in the show and are willing to accept any role, you can indicate that. If you would only consider being in Beauty and the Beast if you were given a particular role or two you can tell us that as well. If you indicate that you will only accept a specific role and are not the best choice for it, nothing else will be offered.

We will be taking your picture to help us remember you.

We are going to need help with the construction of the show and with running the show in performance. If you want to help backstage, please let us know. We are also anxious to have family members and friends helping with the show. Willingness to help backstage, whether or not you are cast will not affect casting.

Casting is based on a combination of vocal ability, acting ability and physical appearance.  It is also based on your ability to be available when you are needed. Casting will take all elements into account.   The initial audition will determine which actors fit the needs of the show, and who may eventually be cast. Initial auditions are not the place in which final casting decisions are made.

Since we anticipate, and encourage people who may not have been in a show before, we do not require prepared material for the initial audition. We will welcome 8 to 16 bars of prepared material. Please bring your sheet music for the accompanist. We use cold readings and a song we will give you. Before you sing for your audition we will teach you the song and give you a chance to get comfortable with it. An accompanist will be provided. You will also be given a section of dialog to read. You will be given a chance to look at it in advance.

We will also ask you for a movement/dance audition so we can see how you move. The dance captain will teach you a combination. Wear closed-toed shoes that will stay on your feet. No flip-flops or sandals, please.

Actors should not be alarmed if they don’t have an opportunity to read or sing for a specific role at initial auditions. Most actors who will be offered a role will be called back for a second audition. Actors who wish to be cast must be available for callbacks as needed Those who are needed will be notified shortly after the first round of auditions is concluded. You may be asked to memorize a short monologue for callbacks. These will be provided for you by email.

Callbacks will determine the best combination of actors for the cast. At callbacks actors will read and sing for specific roles. It is the staff’s responsibility to assemble the best possible combination of actors from the talent available

A second round of callbacks may be necessary, but not everyone will be needed a second time. No roles will be offered until the callback process has been completed. We realize that it is hard to wait for the phone to ring, but please be patient. It may take more than one day to make the casting phone calls after the decisions are made. We will tell you by what point you should expect a call if you are cast.

Again, thank you for your interest in Beauty and the Beast. We’ll see you at auditions. Break a leg!

Audition Schedule

Saturday, March 4
9:30 Children
10:30 Adults

Sunday, March 5
1:30 Children
2:30 Adults

Monday, March 6
6:00 Children
7:00 Adults

Saturday, March 11
9:30 Children
10:30 Adults

Sunday, March 12
1:30 Children
2:30  Adults

Callbacks are March 14.

Casting calls will be made March 17 & 18.

Rehearsals will begin on Monday, April 24. Note that this date is slightly over a month after casting. While not everyone will always be called for every rehearsal, rehearsals will run Sunday afternoons, and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings. You may be called as early as 6:30.

We will rehearse at Theatre Bristol. We will not be in the Paramount until the beginning of the week we perform.   June 11-15 are critical to our success. It is very important that you are available for these dates. Performances are June 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, & 25.

Production Crew Interest

Those interested in being a part of the wonderful experience of Beauty and the Beast by bringing it to life over the next several weeks and working backstage as part of the production team and stage crew are welcome to come to any of the audition dates and discuss their interest and skill. This invitation includes those interested in orchestra, costuming, set design and construction, lighting, sound, stage management, props, publicity, and many other roles. You can also email to express your interest. All roles are volunteer, as there is no paid staff. No experience is necessary for crew work and we are happy to offer training.