Theatre Bristol Board of Directors

  • Ann Vance, President
  • Nicole Intagliata, Vice President/Treasurer
  • Leticia Peltzer, Secretary
  • Dottie Havlik
  • Cindi Brooks
  • Mary Beth Rainero
  • Valtina Turner

Advisory Board

  • Rick McVey
  • David Browning
  • Vince Turner
  • Lisa White

You can reach the Board members at

We are a community theatre, run by people from our community. We produce our shows with an emphasis on quality and a premium on economy. Even with the emphasis on keeping production costs low, there are still “the costs of doing business”: royalties, promotional cost, utilities, etc. Would you consider being a sponsor of Theatre Bristol?

2 thoughts on “Theatre Bristol Board of Directors

  1. Is this strictly a youth theatre? I’m new to East TN (seasoned adult actor) and would like to audition for Mockingbird.

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