Theatre Bristol Board of Directors

  • Samantha Gray, President
  • Suzanne Eleas, Vice President
  • Laura O’Bryan, Vice President
  • Dottie Havlik, Secretary
  • Steve Baskett, Treasurer
  • SaBrina Smith
  • Kristin Hale
  • Laura O’Bryan
  • Vince Turner
  • Kim Oliver
  • Alana Simmons
  • Mary Beth Rainero
  • Frank DeCaterina (Honorary)

You can reach the Board members at

Currently we are an organization with no paid staff. We are completely run by our volunteer board of directors. We are a community theatre, run by people from our community. We produce our shows with an emphasis on quality and a premium on economy. Even with the emphasis on keeping production costs low, there are still “the costs of doing business”: royalties, promotional cost, utilities, etc. Would you consider being a sponsor of Theatre Bristol?

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