Theatre Bristol Youth Service Board

Our mission is to inspire our peers–other youth–to connect to the performing arts as a prospective artist and/or future patron; to bring learning to life for students through live performance of classic literature; and to develop and sustain future community leaders and artists.

The Theatre Bristol Youth Service Board’s goal is to reach out to the students of our area to further educate and enrich their lives through performances of classic literature brought to the stage, and inspire youth to become involved in the performing arts.

The YSB performs one show a year, in the fall, performing one weekend in Theatre Bristol’s own ARTspace. During the summer, the YSB offers a theatre camp to help introduce children to theatre through activities such as movement, singing, improvisation, story/script writing, costume design, set design, makeup and hairstyling, and more! At the end of the camp, campers have an opportunity to showcase their new knowledge for family and friends.

The YSB also helps out around Theatre Bristol year-round with general activities to help maintain the theatre. From fundraising, to cleaning and work days, to hosting auditions and supporting the Rhythm and Roots Reunion, YSB members are fixtures at the Theatre.

Ultimately, the Youth Service Board’s main goal is to foster youth capability and opportunity in the arts, including assisting with the sustainability of our community theatre for generations to come.

To join the YSB, students ages 13-18 must either be in or work on crew for two Theatre Bristol productions. After they join, they are expected to work 10 hours per quarter. If they are interested in being in the YSB show or holding a position as an officer, they are expected to work 25 hours a quarter. Please email for more information or an application form.

President: Luke Gray

Vice President: Faith Vance

Secretary: Enelisa Sutton

Camp Coordinator: Seth Gilstrap

Camp Assistant: Whitney Brooks

Social Coordinators: Ava White, Zaiah Gray

Auditions Chair: Maliah Tilley

Auditions Committee: Parker Dugger, Abigail Combs, Devon White, Ava White, Ella Combs, Lucy Tester, Carly Street

Front of House Chair: Raina Moody

Front of House Committee: Whitney Brooks, Maliah Tilley, Devon White, Ava White, Ella Combs, Lucy Tester

Scene Shop Chair: Luke Gray

Scene Shop Committee: Devon White, Lucy Tester

Paint Shop Chair: Devon White

Paint Shop Committee: Luke Gray, Lucy Tester

Prop Shop Chair: Ella Combs

Prop Shop Committee: Devon White, Abigail Combs, Raina Moody, Lucy Tester

Wardrobe Chair: Ava White

Wardrobe Committee: Abigail Combs, Devon White, Ella Combs, Raina Moody, Lucy Tester

Mentors: Camille Gray, Anna Kimerer, James Altman

Advisors: Samantha Gray, Steve Baskett

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