Theatre Bristol Presents Fairy Tale Comedy “The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf”

Announcing cast of 21 in humorous Mother Goose spoof — tickets now on sale

Theatre Bristol presents the fairy tale comedy “The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf” on stage at the Theatre Bristol ARTspace, weekends September 6-15. Camille Gray directs a cast of 21 from around the region in this fractured fairy tale comedy for all ages. Tickets are on sale now at

The Wolf: villain or victim? The Three Pigs: innocent or at fault? The Jurors (Miss Muffet, Bo Peep, Cinderella and Humpty-Dumpty, to name a few): solid citizens or characters with a past? And what about Judge Wise O. Al? Is justice on his side—or does he have a secret to hide? Then there’s the media—a reporter, newscaster and town crier. Have they come to accurately report the proceedings—or to turn the courtroom into a media circus? And who is that surprise witness at the end? The answers to these profound questions and even more are revealed once and for all in this rollicking, fun-filled, action-packed trial-of-the-century (Dramatic Publishing).

Director Camille Gray has been involved in theatre for the last 16 years, working in all areas, primarily performance, costume design, choreography, and direction. She most recently directed Sherlock Holmes and Pinocchio, as well as serving as costume designer and choreographer for The Wizard of Oz.

Luke Gray takes the teethy, titular role of Wallington Wellington Wolf the Third, accused by Three Little Pigs, Iona Blackburn as Barbara Sue Pig, Shane Webb as Marcellus Pig, and Zaiah Gray as Amadeus Pig. Lucy Tester keeps everything organized as the Clerk-of-Court, and Steve Baskett declares “order in the court!” as Judge Wise O. Al. The press is sensational, including Terry Bailey as the Reporter, Grace Cassell as the Newscaster, and Lucy Claire Foy as the Town Crier. The jury consists of beloved fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters such as Little Miss Muffet played by Marley Bishop, Little Red Riding Hood by Rebekah Rowe, Old King Cole by Aaron Brown, Jack by Mason White, Jill by Mary Nell Shipley, Mistress Mary by Sydney Gray, Little Bo Peep by Chloe Campbell, Jack Sprat by Devon White, Mrs. Sprat by Emerson Brown, Tom the Piper’s Son by Carter Lawson, Humpty-Dumpty by Andrew Bailey, and Cinderella by Faith Vance.

Gray is supported by stage manager Brittany Wallace, assistant stage manager Enelisa Sutton, set designer Luke Gray, costume designer Zaiah Gray, props master Mason White, lighting designer Albert Tester, master carpenter Steve Baskett, board operator Abigail Combs, graphic designer Haley White, and producer Samantha Gray.

The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf opens September 6, and runs for two weekends at the Theatre Bristol ARTspace, Fridays at 7:30 pm, Saturdays at 5:30 pm, and Sundays at 2:30 pm, closing on September 15. Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for seniors and students, and are on sale at

Theatre Bristol’s is pleased to present The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf as part of its family-friendly 54th season of ARTspace and Paramount shows, including Cinder Red Riding Hood and the Seven Dwarfs, The Wizard of Oz, Sherlock Holmes, Into the Woods, and Miracle on 34th Street.  

The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf  is presented by arrangement with Dramatic Publishing. Support for Theatre Bristol is provided by United Company Foundation, Tennessee Arts Commission, HVAC, Inc., Summit BSR, and Seaman Corp.

Founded in 1965, Theatre Bristol is the oldest continually running children’s theatre in northeast Tennessee. Its Main Stage season consists of up to six productions. Some of its performances take place in the ARTspace, a multi-purpose, black box theatre which seats up to 120, and other performances are on stage at the Paramount Center for the Arts. Theatre Bristol is volunteer run and we invite you to get involved.For more information, visit Theatre Bristol’s website or Facebook page, contact Theatre Bristol at 423-212-3625, or email