Theatre Bristol Masks for Beyond the Stage

Theatre Bristol is applying its creativity to help fight COVID-19 with masks created in our costume shop!

Theatre Bristol is glad to support our community in this way. After all, theatre has been making masks for centuries!

Stop by Theatre Bristol if you need a mask. More than 375 masks have been distributed and now there is limited availability.

The masks are generously and thoughtfully created by Theatre Bristol’s team for your well being and are free of charge. We ask that you only take a mask if you do not have one and that it be for your personal use, not resale. We will work on making more masks, if you would like to have an extra but at this time we want to make sure everyone has one. At this time, we are not taking any special requests as we want to focus on getting people protected.

Masks come in regular, large, and children’s sizes and have been washed twice and handled with gloves for packaging. Packages include washing and donation instructions.


If you would like to make a contribution to your community theatre, Theatre Bristol, during this time of our critical income loss, please donate when you pick up your mask, or visit, or use our handy QR code. You can also mail a donation to 512 State Street, Bristol, TN 37620. Thank you!

Washing Instructions:

  • Carefully remove mask to avoid exterior contact with face
  • Place immediately into washing machine
  • Wash with detergent and hot water
  • Tumble dry warm or hot

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This mask is not intended for medical use. It does not have the filtration qualities of an N95 medical mask. This is not a sale of goods and there are no express warranties or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. We offer these masks “as is” with no warranties or guarantees whatsoever. Theatre Bristol assumes no responsibility for the spread or contraction of COVID-19. Please use good judgment and follow the recommendations as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.