Theatre Bristol is So Much Brighter after Generous Support from Lighthouse Supply Company!

Theatre Bristol was transformed this summer after Lighthouse Supply Company generously undertook a major lighting renovation project throughout the 57-year-old community theatre.

Now completed, the common refrain by volunteers and visitors alike is a stunned, “It’s so much brighter!”

Thanks to Lighthouse Supply Company, President Todd Peak, and installation team Marc Hyatt, and Darren Duff, Theatre Bristol has never looked better. The major, newly undertaken project replaced Theatre Bristol’s light fixtures and bulbs from top to bottom with energy-efficient LED lighting. More than 150 fixtures and 300 bulbs were installed over approximately 12 weeks.

From the office, to the scene shop, as well as the paint shop and the costume shop, in the rehearsal hall and the stairwells, in the kitchen and restrooms, outside too, and above the thousands of square feet of props, set pieces, and costumes, there is new lighting throughout the downtown community theatre.

Lighthouse Supply Company visited with Theatre Bristol and assessed the dim situation, and identified how to shed light on the problem. Ballast issues, insufficient bulbs, damaged and missing fixtures, and inconvenient switches left actors, staff, crew, and volunteers in the dark for years.

“We love Bristol and we’re very proud to own a small business here. Theatre Bristol has always been close to our hearts. When the pandemic hit, all of our lives changed in a moment. Theatre Bristol is community and donation based, and with most people out of work or “on pause,” I knew we had to do something to help,” said Todd Peak, President of Lighthouse Supply Company. “Bristol is a special community and Theatre Bristol is a special place. I’m thankful that we were able to be a blessing to Samantha and this historic community theatre.” 

The benefits are many and with a flip of a switch each day the transformation is still eye opening. Formerly unpredictable, dead, or flickering bulbs, buzzing bulbs, and completely dark areas have been lit up. The new lights mean reduced energy costs, longer bulb life, and more accurate fabric and paint color selection. The practice of outfitting with a headlamp to find a costume for an elf or a dozen elves is no longer necessary, and areas that need to be cleaned and organized can be easily accessed.

Lighthouse Supply also employed creative solutions that included new light switches that make navigating through the expanse of rooms easier, as well as LED strips for stairwells.

Lighthouse Supply Company’s generous support means not only do Theatre Bristol actors perform in great lighting but now everything it takes to get them to the stage is so much better. Theatre Bristol could not be more grateful to them for making everything so much brighter.

“Todd and his team have made possible what we would not have imagined. From room to room, it is an entirely new look. People coming to audition, rehearse, attend a workshop or class, or help with all of the organizing will have a more pleasant and productive experience now. We are so grateful,” said Samantha Gray, Executive Director.

Theatre Bristol is pleased to present its family-friendly 57th season of ARTspace and Paramount shows, including Twelfth Night, Three Times Three, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Sound of Music, and Elf The Musical, along with PLAYtime in the ARTspace, ARTscene, and Christmas Scenes.

Founded in 1965, Theatre Bristol is the oldest continually running children’s theatre in northeast Tennessee. A nonprofit organization serving Virginia and Tennessee, Theatre Bristol’s main stage season consists of up to eight family-friendly productions. Performances take place in the ARTspace, a downtown Bristol multi-purpose, black box theatre which seats up to 120, and The Paramount Center for the Arts which seats over 700. The Catherine DeCaterina School of Theatre Arts offers camps, workshops, and classes year round.

Founded in 1997, Lighthouse Supply Company provides top-notch lighting products along with experienced professionals ready to assess and install your new lighting solution. Lighthouse Supply Company is located at 901 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Bristol, Virginia, with a new showroom of its quality products coming soon, and offers online shopping at